Our Profile

Our Profile


B6 is a Dubai based and managed investment fund. Our investment approach is designed to uncover opportunities that others may miss.

With an ever-expanding portfolio of dining experiences, our concepts are homemade with a true focus in service, flavor and consistency for our guests.

With 6 concepts currently in our portfolio and many more in the pipework’s, B6 is driven to become, the Leading Investment Company in the United Arab Emirates.

B6 Investment is a managed investment fund based in Dubai (UAE). B6 Investment was founded with the soul purpose, “to uncover opportunities that others may miss” We look for the special seeds who with our investment and support can flourish and grow.

Currently the majority of B6 Investments portfolio are in the booming industry of Hospitality, F&B (food and beverage)

B6 Investments also looks for local brands who aim to offer Consistent high standards, Service, brand, taste and Client experience.

At B6 we aim to become one of the leading Investment companies within the UAE